Brick is one of the first sustainable building products.


With a 100-year-plus life span, a resistance to signs of aging, and inherent thermal mass properties, brick is one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly building products available. And it has been for 10,000 years. Bricks can also be recycled, re-used and re-purposed indefinitely, so there’s practically no waste, and contribution to landfills is dramatically reduced.


Brick is incredibly durable and remarkably low maintenance.


Here’s what our bricks won’t do – rot, rust, burn, corrode, decay, encourage mold growth or need painting. Something they will do, however, is always meet or exceed ASTM and CSA standards for durability. And the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) LEED® rating system recognizes the durability of brick in its Materials and Resources credit section. In its end use, brick’s inherent strength and fire resistance means it often remains standing even under the harshest conditions.


Brick is naturally energy efficient.


Red River Brick Brick products’ durability eliminates further manufacturing energy required for replacement products. Our products’ passive solar qualities and thermal mass properties take advantage of the sun’s energy for heating and cooling.


Brick is environmentally friendly – and recyclable.


We  manufacture our products from natural materials free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because it results in better occupant health, comfort and productivity. Our clay brick is manufactured from clay or shale extracted from quarries that are close to the plant. And when we transport brick, we use rail and truck aided by computer programs that create ways to minimize trips. Plus, we use industrial by-products and recycled materials whenever possible to reduce the need for virgin raw materials.