Our Brick

One of the first sustainable building products

And has been around for thousands of years. Included in structures designed to last beyond a single lifetime, brick’s resistance to signs of aging and its inherent thermal mass properties make it one of the most energy efficient and ecofriendly building products available. Brick can also be recycled, re-used and re-purposed indefinitely, so there’s practically no waste, and contribution to landfills are dramatically reduced.


Here’s what our bricks won’t do – rot, rust, burn, corrode, decay, encourage mold growth or need painting. Something they will do, however, is always meet or exceed ASTM and CSA standards for durability. And the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) LEED® rating system recognizes the durability of brick in its Materials and Resources credit section. In its end use, brick’s inherent strength and fire resistance means it often remains standing even under the harshest conditions.

Naturally Energy Efficient

Not only is brick a green material which require comparatively little energy to manufacture, but building with brick also results in structures that have greater energy efficiency than structures built with many other exterior cladding materials, providing long term energy conservation and savings.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Red River Brick products are manufactured from two of the most abundant natural materials on the planet – clay and shale. Our plants are located near these raw materials to ensure local sourcing and minimize adverse impacts on the environment. Over the course of centuries, brick can be used again and again, or can be broken down without harm and returned to the earth as a completely recyclable material.

Primary Use